More About We Paddle…

Our emphasis at We Paddle is strongly about community, integrity and quality.

Anyone can buy a nice ski and get really fit and strong, however not everyone can paddle with relaxation, efficiency and class (even in the rough stuff).

We are fastidious about you having the right craft (for you); learning efficient technique so you can paddle faster and longer with less effort; and becoming highly skilled down wind, in the open ocean and surf.

This approach will allow you to experience more enjoyment &  relaxation, and will help you prevent injuries – all of which will open you up to much more fun and adventure..

We take the time to get to know you, and help you feel a part of our community.

Whilst we are a business, and attend to this as best we can, creating a happy, friendly, highly skilled and safe community warms our hearts far more than the accumulation of dollars. After all, We Paddle for Love…

about Tim Altman

TIM ALTMAN B.Sc, B. H.Sc Naturopathy

Owner of We Paddle – paddle coaching and paddle travel packages (including the Molokai World Championships) since 2010.

Twice member of Australian Flatwater/Sprint Kayak Team  & former member AIS, VIS & QAS flatwater kayaking programs.

10th overall in 2102 & 2014 Molokai World Surfski Championships, and top 10 in The Doctor in 2006.

Winner of 4 Australian Sprint/Flatwater Titles & 3 silver medals at Aussie Surflifesaving Champs (not including masters).

Gold and silver medallist in K2 with Ramon Andersson) & K1 35-40yrs at World Marathon Kayak Championships, Perth 2005.

Victorian Open Double Ski Champion 2017 and 2019 at 50 & 52 years old.

Coach of MLC kayak club since 2000-2009 (including 6 years as head coach) – winner of the Murray Marathon women’s  school relay team four times.

Coach of Mercantile kayak club 2003 to 2009 (including coach of national team members, Glenn Singleton – 9 time national representative at World Kayak Championships, and Piers Christiansen – 5 time national representative at World Championships).

Head ski padding coach of Torquay SLSC ski section 2011, and 2018-current.

Tim is also a Naturopath, breath coach/respiratory therapist,  nutritionist, herbal medicine practitioner, and  Mickel Therapist, specialising in chronic illness (chronic fatigue and pain, anxiety and depression, IBS and gastrointestinal complaints), performance medicine, breath work and health and lifestyle medicine – including work/life balance, stress management, authenticity etc. See

He is author of the book, ‘Breathing Dynamics’, and co-host of the podcast, ‘Take A Breath Health and Lifestyle Show’ –

about bill strachan

Bill has been a long time competitor in Surf Lifesaving in Victoria and Australia (for over 40 years).

He has won multiple state and national championsips in open and masters competition, and has placed in the Coollangatta Gold in his age group.

Bill has also coached the ski section at Ocean Grove SLSC for decades, and has seen great success with the paddlers he has coached.