We Paddle Testimonials

If you want to learn to surf ski definitely get in contact with Tim Altman and get yourself some lessons with him. Initially for me it was all about training for the Anaconda adventure race but soon realized after a couple of lessons with Tim that paddling on a ski is also a great way to enjoy being out on the water. There is lots to learn. Having lessons with Tim will accelerate your technique and get you where you want to be quicker. Get into it!

Paul H (South Melbourne)

I’ve been paddling now for about six months. Initially, I tended to ‘muscle’ my way down the river with poor technique and consequently was unable to cover much distance. However, with Tim’s coaching and focus on technique, my endurance has increased substantially. I’m more stable in the kayak and no longer intimidated by rougher weather conditions. Tim’s knack for breaking down paddling technique into simple and easy-to-apply principles has been invaluable. Also, as a busy professional, Tim’s flexibility with his coaching service has been of great benefit. I’m already looking forward to my next lesson.


Matt Blair

As an amateur long course triathlete looking for a new challenge, I was confident that my aerobic training and base fitness level would allow me to quickly transition to multi-sport adventure racing.

Having never paddled ocean skis or kayaks previously – this was clearly be my Achilles heal – I have several friends who participate in adventure racing and regularly paddle with a number of training squads  – watching them paddle and talking to them – it was clear that technique rather than power was perhaps the most  fundamental contributor to speed (similar to swimming, I guess).

Understanding this I thought it was important to focus purely on technique initially – rather than jump straight into squad training and potentially develop bad habits by simply trying to “keep up”.

I am very glad I found Tim at We Paddle. Tim was a fantastic source of information and working 1 on 1 helped me understand paddling fundamentals and develop a solid and sustainable technique – and some confidence.

We Paddle was also a very good source of information and advice when it came to purchasing a boat and paddle. It was helpful to get a paddler’s perspective and a reality check, when deciding which style and dimension of ski suited my ability and ambitions.

The sessions with We Paddle – along with being a fun introduction to ski paddling – made for a much smoother transition into more serious squad paddling.

We Paddle also provide skis and all the safety gear to learn with allowing me to get a much better feel for  paddling before purchasing my own ski.

All in all the We Paddle experience made my introduction to ski paddling a very enjoyable and refreshing adventure – thanks Tim!

Craig Steen