Squad Training


If you are interested in significantly improving your paddling or even achieving excellence in paddling performance, then we offer squad training with a difference.

In addition to physical conditioning, there will also be a strong emphasis on technique development.

Also, the We Paddle squad program offered will provide a unique and comprehensive edge. Tim will draw on his extensive experience and qualifications as a clinical naturopath, nutritionist and respiratory therapist (www.timaltman.com.au) by offering his professional services to all first tier or full squad members. Details included below.

The full squad offering will offer you ways to improve your paddling that go way beyond technique and physical conditioning. The nutrition breathing efficiency training and ongoing assessments will offer you considerable lifestyle improvements and a serious competitive edge over your opponents.

In addition, the lifestyle training will help to improve your weight, health & well-being, ability to relax, sleep quality and vitality. Many squad members have reported significant improvements in quality of life in a number of areas.

There are a few options and rates depending on your level of commitment or available time.

Full Squad Training – $120 per month – includes:

  • program (including paddling, cross training and gym aspects)
  • 3 group sessions per week attended and coached by Tim Altman
  • an initial one hour one on one coaching session with Tim Altman
  • access to regular organised downwind sessions (weekly – depending on conditions)
  • video technique work
  • nutrition assessment and advice for general living, training and race day. One hour initially and then ongoing.
  • monthly Bio-Impedence/VLA assessment measuring body composition (fat and muscle mass and percentage), cellular health analysis (hydration status, biological age, energy production, potential toxicity/inflammation) etc. For further details see www.timaltman.com.au/modalities-used-in-naturopathics/
  • advice and training on diapragmatic breathing techniques to enhance paddling performance, vitality ans sleep quality. See www.timaltman.com.au/breathing-dynamics/
  • coaching at competitions
  • free access to weekly breathing and movement/stabilization session run by Tim Altman and Mitch Barrow.

Casual sessions – $20 per session – includes technique advice and skill development.

Ten class card – $175.

The squad training is catered for whatever your paddling goals – surf lifesaving, sprint, marathon, ocean paddling (the program simply is catered to your personal needs and goals).

For further details or to let me know your keen email me or phone 0425 739 918.