Kayak Coaching

We Paddle provide kayak coaching for all skill levels (beginners to experienced). If you have always been interested in kayaking now is your chance to get involved with a one on one or group kayak training session. Kayaking is a great way to get out on the water, enjoy new perspectives and quietly cruise along enjoying nature and increasing your fitness.

Kayaking Training

At We Paddle we go anywhere in Melbourne, Geelong and the Surfcoast including Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove, Anglesea to teach Kayaking to our many clients. On rivers or in the sea, flat water or surf, we can give you the skills and training to achieve optimal fitness with kayak paddling.

Benefits of Kayaking

Kayaking (often called paddling) is great exercise for building upper body, shoulder and arm strength and builds core strength in your abdominal and back area. While you are out kayaking on a river or on the ocean you get to experience stillness and see the wilderness from a fresh perspective.

For beginners, one on one or groups, if you are interested in kayaking, kayak coaching or kayak teaching, take a look at our locations and  contact us at We Paddle via email or phone us on 0425 739 918.