We Paddle offer a range of paddling experiences for paddlers and paddle lovers. Whether you are a beginner, experienced or advanced and wanting a coach to assist you with your training we are qualified in all forms of paddle sports including kayaking, surf skiing and ocean skiing.

Coach and director of We Paddle, Tim Altman has competed at local, national and international level for over 30 years, and has coached at these levels for over 15 years. He is also a qualified naturopath ( , respiratory therapist and director of a integrated, health and well-being retreat located in the Otway Ranges of Victoria (


Tim’s coaching philosophy is to focus heavily on technique development at all levels from beginners to international standard paddlers. Tim regularly studies, and gets feedback on, the current techniques of Olympic level paddlers and developments in technique (and conditioning) from their coaches. The belief being that if you develop an efficient technique it can make a far greater difference than conditioning alone. Anyone can get fit and strong, but not everyone can develop class. And if you don’t have class “you’ll never go really fast”.

Whether flat water, river paddling or ocean paddling, one-on-one sessions or group bookings We Paddle have the experience and the training.