Paddling on the Surfcoast

Paddling Torquay

I’ve been for 4 downwind paddles in the last week with various friends over the 16km course between Pt. Roadknight (Anglesea) and Torquay SLSC. This comprises 3/4 of the course for the Graeme Long memorial race coming this weekend. We have been pushed along by some great westerly and south westerly breezes – particularly the Wednesday that has just been which presented some wild winds and some times very close to PB’s.

I grew up surfing on a short board and have surfed all of my life. I still adore it and, whilst it can be hard work, down wind paddling in such winds is the closest thing I have experienced to having a smoking surf in pumping waves (pardon my jargon).

I already love paddling most of the time (except when you get stuck in nasty head breezes), but this makes paddling awesome. I think the only time I’ll ever stop paddling is when my body no longer allows me to do so.

Given the westerlies also pushed in some really nice swell, we’ve also had some great early morning surfs this week before the wind popped up.

It’s great to be alive!